Stake instant cash / Ethereum against your popular NFT such as Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Increase your NFT Portfolio by Staking against your NFTs

The community is based on borrowers and stakers.

You can feed our protocol with ETH and you get high rewards.

Our protocol is handled on-chain and fully scalable.

Risk-free Risk-free


Instant refund Instant refund

Instant refund

Great commission Great commission

Great commission

How to stake crypto?

Small, short-term loans to others can pay off handsomely.



To begin, ensure you have ETH in your wallet and have signed the authorization to allow Loanft to handle your ETH.


Add liquidity

Bring more funds to the liquidity provider.


Stake and get paid

You can release anytime your funds with notice of 30 days.

Make your idle digital assets work for you and get paid on an hourly basis

Hourly payouts

With NFTuloan’s unique hourly payouts, you will gain immediate access to the interest you’ve earned. Your yield is automatically deposited into your NFTuloan account, and you’ll start collecting interest on it the next day. Your daily payments will surely increase as time goes on!

Grow your profit, borrow Ethereum, and increase your net worth and wealth.
turn turn

Turn your ETH into income


Make money when you don’t use your NFT

boost boost

Boost your cash flow

easy easy

Effortless capitalization