Get Ethereum back against your popular NFT collection such as the CrytpoPunks NFT.

Get up to 70% of Instant Flash Liquidity for Your NFTs

Get liquidity for 1h loan and up to 30 days.

Fees will vary depending on the length of the loan, the NFT collection, the rarity level and the value of the NFT.

Use any supported NFT as collateral to borrow up to 70% of the value of your asset from the NFTuolan liquidity pool and obtain immediate permissionless liquidity.


Conventional loan

Opportunity to grow your portfolio

Lower interest rates

Instant approval

No additional costs

No paperwork to fill


No impact on credit score

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your portoflio

Every investor will eventually get to a point where HODLing will no longer suffice. In such a situation, you may utilize NFTuloan to borrow against your existing assets and enhance your investment portfolio, by borrowing against your existing wealth.

NFTuloan has the solution for you. You can easily borrow against your asset, get an instant flash loan to develop your assets portfolio.