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Instant Liquidity

Get instant ETH deposited into your wallet with instant estimates on your NFT’s valuation. No minimum Value needed to liquidate. We offer you 70% of your NFT’s value instantly” No need to wait for estimates on your NFT’s valuation!


Earn with Genesis Alpha Pass

Transfer your ETH to NFTuloan and you could be staking up to 30% APR. NFTuloan offers the highest yield for your ETH.


  • Purchase our Alpha Genesis Pass NFT
  • Stake your ETH
  • Become a liquidity provider
  • No minimum balance
  • 70% of the interest paid by the borrowers goes straight to the liquidity pool, where all lenders benefit from it.

Estimate average APR: 30%

How does it work ?

Give liquidity to your NFT


Connect your wallet


Select the NFT


Estimate the NFT value


Define the duration between 1h to 30 days



… You will receive your ETH after a couple of seconds directly to your wallet. Yes, it is that simple!




Increase your portfolio

Short and long term liquidity

Few steps only

Paperless and hassle-free


Use your dormant ETH

Increase your income

Balance updated in real-time

Withdraw anytime

What you will get

chain chain

Fully on-chain

instant instant

Instant NFT estimation

funding funding

Instant funding

low low

Low-interest rate

guaranteed guaranteed

Liquidity guaranteed

Get an instant flash loan against your popular and famous NFT collection.

Unique Marketplace

Buy NFTs at a bargain price with 30% discount rates off of any NFT from our marketplace. Join our community by purchasing our Alpha Genesis NFTs to get exclusive discounts when shopping starting front 30% rates off of any NFT. No marketplace competes with your unique prices!