Frequently Asked Question about NFT Loans


What is NFTuloan?

NFTuloan is a transparent marketplace for collateralized NFT liquidity. Borrowers can put up assets as collateral for a liquidity, and stakers can stake in exchange for interest.

How can I create an account?

You simply need to connect your Metamask wallet to access your personal dashboard. You can either borrow against your NFTs or stake your ETH to become a liquidity provider.


How do I get liquidity?

You need to connect your wallet to to load your NFTs and to choose the one you want to borrow against.

Once you select the NFT of your choice the liquidity will be processed. The NFT you wish to borrow against is transferred temporarily to us within the smart contract, throughout which you cannot sell your NFT, until the liquidity period is over and has been paid back.

Once the liquidity is paid back, you will immediately receive the indicated amount of crypto in your wallet.

How do I repay my liquidity?

Before the end of the decided period, you have to log on to our website with your wallet and repay the interest due along with the exact amount that was lent. A pay back button will appear beneath your NFT to make the transaction easier on you.

What happens if a liquidity isn’t repaid on time?

If a borrower fails to repay their liquidity on time, the asset is transferred to NFTuloan and will be placed on the internal marketplace for liquidation.

Are my assets protected as a borrower throughout the liquidity period?

Without a doubt! Throughout the duration of the liquidity period, your NFT is held in escrow in our contract. It is not accessible to the staker or borrower. You only lose your asset if you don’t pay back the liquidity on time.

How long does it take to receive my liquidity?

Requesting liquidity is a simple process.

NFT liquidity are distributed and paid straight into your NFTuloan account as soon as they are confirmed.

Can I close my liquidity at any time?

Yes, you certainly can! There are no fees if you pay off your liquidity early. You must be up-to-date on your interest payments.

What are the interest rates for NFTuloan liquidity?

Interest rates depend on the length of your liquidity . You can find the interest rate for each NFT you wish to borrow against in your dashboard when requesting a liquidity.



1 hour


24 hours


5 days


30 days


Can I have multiple liquidity?

Of course, you can! You can have liquidity on only one of your NFTs, or all of them if they are not for sale on any secondary platform.

What are the liquidity durations?

The duration proposed by our system depends on the collection of your NFT. The four choices are 1h, 24hrs, 5 days and 30days.

My NFT is rare, can I receive a bigger liquidity?

Yes! We know that within a collection not all NFTs are worth the same amount. If your NFT is rarer than others from the same collection, the system will suggest a higher liquidity amount for you.

My NFT is worth 20ETH and I can only borrow 14ETH. Why?

Our system allows you to borrow 50%, 60% or 70% of the value of your NFT. This percentage depends on the popularity and volume of transactions of the collection your NFT belongs to.


How can I make money with my ETH?

You can stake money by adding them to our liquidity pool that will be lent to the liquidity seeker. As a staker, you will get a generous percentage of the interest rate that will be paid back by the borrowers.

How much money can I earn with my ETH?

When you lend your ETH, you can earn up to 30% APY. Your balance is updated in real-time and you can have great hourly payouts.

What is the minimum amount of ETH I can transfer? Or the maximum?

None! You may choose any amount of ETH to transfer at any time.

When do I start earning rewards?

You begin to earn rewards as soon as any funds are credited to your NFTuloan account.

What is my gain when I stake my ETH?

NFTuloan offers a great deal for stakers: 70% of the interest paid by the borrowers goes straight to the liquidity pool, where all stakers benefit from it.

When can I withdraw my cryptocurrencies?

You can withdraw your funds anytime you wish, if it is not use in the liquidity pool.